How to optimize your company’s Facebook page?


Having a Facebook business page is an essential step to starting and maintaining an online presence. According to a CEFRIO survey, 70% of adults in Quebec used this social network in 2018 and nearly one third of social network users in Quebec used it to publish comments about a business. Thus, with all the free tricks, such as the CTA (Call To Action) button or automatic messages available to the merchant, it is all the more easy to build a virtual customer base and maintain a good relationship. 

With this article, you will understand how paying attention to small customizable details and installing certain tools on your page can help you stand out and make a good impression on Facebook users. We’ll show you some tips!


General information

It may not seem such a big deal, but many businesses don’t fill out all the relevant information about themselves and how they operate. People like to learn as much as possible about the organizations they do business with or plan to do business with; that’s the information age! Make sure you optimize your About section as much as possible, by adding a clear and precise description, your company’s mission, its opening and founding dates (yes, it can be two different dates!), its history and all its contact information (address, phone number, email, link to the website, link to other social media accounts, etc.). The goal is for visitors to find all the information they might need on your page, without having to look elsewhere and risk running into one of your competitors!

Also, if you didn’t do it when you created your Facebook business page, it is imperative to have a username: it allows people to identify you in comments or when posting about you. Sometimes your page name is not available as a username. In this case, find a name that looks like it so it is easy to remember. 

You can also add your legal notice. Your what? This informs your visitors about the identity of the person in charge of the page or the site and allows the user to understand the specificities of use. Our advice: if you have them on your website, simply copy them in the appropriate place on your page. To learn more about the legal side of the Web, we suggest you speak to a lawyer specialized in the field.



You’ve probably noticed, but we often see horrors in terms of visuals on the profile and cover pictures of some Facebook business pages. To avoid this, choose a profile picture of 320 x 320 pixels and a cover of 2050 x 780 pixels.


Call to action buttons

These buttons (also called CTA) provide a key tool to enable your target audience to take action. Think about what you offer and the first action a prospect needs to take to reach your brand. It can be sending a message via Facebook Messenger, making an appointment or simply clicking a link to your website. The usefulness of the call-to-action button lies in its simplicity of use for the customer and its ease of implementation for the company. Once implemented, you can add it to all your posts and ads, making it much easier for the potential customer to reach you.

Don’t forget to figure out what your goals are early on!


Automatic messages in Facebook Messenger

Auto messages can be useful on many levels. You can choose to include a pop-up style message when visitors arrive on your page, auto-replies, or both!


Start a conversation

Pop-up messages are used to welcome visitors to your page. You can include the questions you are most frequently asked; they save the customer time. For example, for a clothing store, the questions could be: Where are you located? How long will it take to receive my order? Can I return or exchange part of my order?


During a conversation

To save time and ensure the customer receives a response, you can set up automatic responses as soon as you receive a message. This shows your customer you care when they take the time to contact you and that you will be able to respond specifically to their request within a certain time frame.


SEO and Facebook

SEO is not just for Google: it can be applied to all forms of search engines, including Facebook. It us particularly useful for users researching pages about specific produits or services. Although we have already mentionned SEO for websites in this article, we think it is relevant to point out that including keywords about your field of activity and about your products and/or services in your description can allow your page to be among the first results, whether on Google or Facebook. This way, you make sure your business is easy to find!

Pro tip: the more people interact with your Facebook business page, the more the algorithms will favor it and the higher it will be in the search results!


You now understand the importance of optimizing all these aspects of your page.

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