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At Middle, we propel your tech business through the creation of unique, innovative and personalized digital marketing strategies! Our technical strengths are based on a constant analysis of results allowing the creation of exponential growth leverage.

To reach your goals, we offer several digital marketing services:

services - stratégie

Digital marketing strategy

As a business, it’s important that your brand is seen and appreciated by as many people as possible. Middle is committed to creating a digital strategy that will grow your business, services and products.

services - contenu

Social media management

Based on a customized strategy, we prioritize the creation of content adapted to the reality of your industry and listen to the data and your community to improve in real time.

services - publicités

Advertising campaigns

Want to propel your business? We offer optimized ad creation services for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Campaign planning, visual design, copywriting and constant monitoring. Our team takes care of everything!

services - tunnel de vente

Creating sales tunnels

Need help building a customer journey for your target audience? We can help you reach your customers by creating a customized sales tunnel optimized for your platforms!

services - automatisation

Automation campaigns

Maximize your chances of reaching your target audience and improve your customer relationship! With a well-executed automation campaign, you will be able to reach your customers with personalized messages without any effort on your part thanks to our digital marketing services.

services - SEO

Website optimization and SEO

You have a website hosted on WordPress, but it’s no longer to your liking? We can change its layout! Do you feel like it has some shortcomings? We can do a diagnostic of your website that will allow you to know exactly what’s going on. Then, we’ll take care of optimizing it!

services - veille

Strategic intelligence

Don’t miss any of the best practices in your field thanks to our services! Our team adjusts its services and follows the general and specific marketing trends in your field, in order to be always on point!

our services

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