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The Middle Crew is, above all, a story of friendship. A story of united forces between passionate and ambitious women. Women who know what they want in life, and who are not afraid to go beyond to reach their goals. Women who use humility as their daily mantra to create a sense of collaboration where each individual is essential to the success of the Crew. 

It’s in this work environment that we have been evolving since our incorporation. An environment where horizontal management, transparent communication, and attentive listening to the needs and opinions of each individual are central to the leadership. 

In three years, the agency went from a group of self-employed individuals to being incorporated, following the signing of 6 large and very niche mandates, only to lose almost everything in March 2020. Getting up the next morning was not an easy task, but we still started strong with a restructuring, and only one employee on the payroll.

This marathon of mental strength finally paid off. Two  passionate and dedicated employees were hired, and they very quickly aligned themselves with the values and missions of the company. They progressed quickly, which allowed them to take on more responsibilities. 

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Working hand in hand with our clients.

It’s been an intense, yet rewarding journey. After blowing out three candles, the agency now has eight young, dynamic employees who are passionate about their work, and a portfolio of over thirty clients. Each new day is a challenge with its share of surprises, but the understanding, cohesion and support allow these eight young women to flourish in an open and safe environment. 

This beautiful team is entering its fourth year as the Middle Crew with goals of quality, creativity and internationality (a little secret to keep under wraps), but always keeping in mind the importance of mental health and fulfillment in the workplace.

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Middle might be small in numbers, but not in ambition.

our history

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