7 reasons to advertise on social media

Advertising on social media offers a multitude of advantages to companies and brands looking to increase their brand awareness and rapidly gain visibility. According to a recent study by We Are Social and Meltwater, over 4.88 billion active users are now on social media, representing around 60.6% of the world’s population. These figures clearly illustrate the scale of the impact that social networks can have. Keep reading to find 7 reasons to advertise on these platforms.

Improving brand awareness

By exploiting the massive reach of these platforms, a brand can reach a wider, more diverse audience. This not only raises awareness among new audiences but also forges a positive brand image by actively engaging with users. Targeted ads and creative campaigns deliver relevant messages, increase brand recognition and build trust through a positive brand image.

Precise targeting of potential customers

Unlike more traditional advertising methods, social media platforms enable advertisers to refine their audience based on criteria such as age, gender, interests, geographic location, and much more. 

This means that ads can be delivered exclusively to people potentially interested in a product or service. This targeting maximizes the relevance of each ad, increasing the chances of conversion. This enables companies to make the most of their advertising budget by targeting only those who are most likely to become loyal customers, often resulting in increased sales.

Lasting connections with current and future customers 

Through targeted campaigns, creative content and real-time interaction, companies can not only reach their audience but also generate reactions, comments and shares. This engagement strengthens the relationship between the brand and its customers, fostering long-term loyalty and brand awareness. It’s a great way to establish a lasting connection with current and future customers, which can have a positive impact on business growth.

More leads and conversions

As mentioned above, every social network is an ideal opportunity to target specific people, according to a wide range of criteria, including their interests and online behavior. 

Advertising campaigns benefit from advanced targeting tools to reach people who are likely to be interested in the products or services your business offers. Depending on your objective and the type of advertising campaign you choose, you’ll get a better return on your investment.

Competitive intelligence 

On Facebook, for example, the Meta Ads Library tool provides valuable insight into active ads. However, competitive intelligence is not limited to a single social network. Many social networks have their own integrated tools for monitoring ads.

In addition, external solutions such as SEMrush offer a more comprehensive and in-depth view of your competitors’ advertising strategies. Competitive intelligence is key to staying competitive and innovative in the world of digital marketing.

Access to a massive audience 

We’ve said it, social networks are used daily by billions of users. In this respect, developing advertising campaigns implies having a large audience at your disposal. Social networks offer the possibility of reaching a massive and vast audience, enabling publications and content to be distributed to many people, thereby increasing your company’s visibility and its brand awareness on the web.

Advertising for better SEO 

Companies with a strong presence on social networks tend to rank higher in search results. This means they’re more likely to appear at the top of search results, giving them a considerable competitive edge. By smartly using social network advertising to boost their visibility, companies can outperform their competitors in online searches and attract more potential customers.

Clearly, this form of advertising brings increased visibility, fosters user engagement and strengthens brand awareness. It represents an essential investment for companies wishing to thrive in the digital age and remain competitive.

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