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Collision 2023: 7 apps to watch for marketing managers

Last June, our founder, Karelle, attended the Collision event in Toronto. She had the opportunity to discover promising startups in the “Marketing and Technology” category. We tested and integrated several new tools into our procedures, to improve campaign results, increase return on investment, be more efficient and create more targeted audiences!

Here’s our list of favorite companies and tools that really impressed us and have the potential to become the next MARTECH startups:

  1. Context for Shopify businesses: To increase conversion rates on Shopify sites, this application allows you to personalize content according to the origin of the conversion, creating specific pages for our paid campaigns. 
  2. Rainbarrel: As a paid ad manager, we refer to this tool to choose the right audience that will bring the best return on investment. Their database charmed us right from the demo.
  3. Streamforge: Specializing in the gaming industry, Streamforge uses advanced influencer marketing technology to target creators and their audiences according to their core interests, thanks to artificial intelligence.
  4. ChainVine: This all-in-one referral and affiliate marketing solution for Web3 offers easy implementation and enterprise-level configurability.
  5. Hippoc.ai: This startup already impressed us at Collision 2022. Hippoc.ai predicts advertising success and maximizes return on investment using AI. Here’s the article the team wrote last year, following our presence at Collision 2022.
  6. Textok: This artificial intelligence tool helps content writers to be more effective while retaining their unique tone of voice.
  7. Adretriever: An impressive discovery, Adretriever automatically generates dynamic online ads to reflect a website’s products and services, keeping it relevant in the marketplace. 

These startups and tools are worth knowing about and trying out to optimize our digital campaigns, and continue to offer the best solutions to our customers.

At Agence Middle, we’re constantly on the alert for the latest innovations and discoveries in marketing and technology. Follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date with our latest discoveries! Congratulations also to the seven finalists on this list, all of whom are bringing innovative and promising solutions to the table. Don’t hesitate to send us your discoveries at info@agencemiddle.com.

Together, let’s continue to push back the boundaries of marketing and offer the best solutions to our customers.