How to optimize your company’s Facebook page?


Nowadays, it is essential to include digital marketing in a global marketing strategy. For the vast majority of businesses, it is possible to reach their target audience through Facebook ads. For others, either their customers are not on Facebook at all, or they will be more receptive on LinkedIn. Whether it’s to increase your visibility, your consideration, get leads or conversions, it can be interesting to advertise on this rapidly growing social network!


What is a LinkedIn ad?

LinkedIn ads allow companies to develop online advertising campaigns aligned with their business objectives, set a precise budget and select extremely specific audiences and unique ad placement options. These ads can appear on LinkedIn, but also on its partners’ network.


What are these types of ads?

Just like on Facebook and Instagram, it is possible to boost a post as well as  create a full ad.


What is the difference between these two types?

On one hand, the boost is used to highlight content that is published on your LinkedIn page (in other words, sponsoring a post). Boosts serve visibility and engagement purposes, generally require smaller budgets and the choice of target audiences is limited. 

On the other hand, ads are not on your profile and are created from scratch in the Campaign Manager platform. For ads, there is a choice of seven objectives, ranging from visibility, traffic, lead generation to website conversions. In addition, audiences can be more specificly defined and there are no less than eight formats! However, budgets generally tend to be quite higher.


What are the benefits of LinkedIn Ads?

Advanced targeting features

LinkedIn allows you to be very precise when it comes to building your audience. You can, for example, target according to companies and decision makers, contact lists or even retarget audiences that have interacted with your website, an event or your page. 

LinkedIn also lets you to target individuals according to the language of their profile. For example, in Quebec, the majority of the population is French-speaking, but a large part of the population probably has its profile set in English. In order to reach them, you will have to target both a French and an English audience.


Wide choice of ads

This platform is known for its wide choice of ad formats, which leaves great creative freedom depending on the objective. Here are a few types: Single Image Ads, Text Ads, Carousel Ads, Message Ads, Conversation Ads, Spotlight Ads, Video Ads and many more!


Flexible budget management

Although the initial investment must be at least $25 per day to generate results, you can adjust your budget as you see fit and reallocate it as the campaign goes. Also, consider that lead generation or conversion ads cost more than awareness ads.


Lead generation tool

This platform allows you to create forms to attach to ads on the feed, but also to send messages to generate leads.


Tracking and analysis tool to measure your campaigns performance

Once you’ve turned your campaign on, you can track its performance on the Campaign Manager platform which provides you with all the necessary data for your analysis and will allow you to make constant improvement.


Who should advertise on LinkedIn?

This is probably the question that’s on your mind the most! It’s no secret LinkedIn is a network promoting connections between businesses and professionals. Therefore, organizations that operate in B2B or those that want to recruit for higher positions will have a strong interest in creating campaigns on LinkedIn.

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