What Are The Options For Your Marketing Needs?

The world of marketing is a vast one and it can sometimes seem quite complex. Marketing is always, or almost always, essential to the growth of a company. But how do you know which marketing strategy to adopt and with whom? Should you set up your own marketing team? Should you call upon freelancers? Or do you trust an Agency whose specialty is marketing? At Middle, we’ve asked ourselves this question for you. Evaluating what would be most beneficial to our clients, or future clients is part of the process. 

In-house marketing team, the obvious solution?

Hiring someone in-house will be the most cost-effective option in the long run. Having one or more employees dedicated to marketing in your company will certainly cost you less in the long run, but it will still be a significant investment at the beginning. Hiring someone is not trivial and we know that in the current employment situation in Quebec, the recruitment process will be long and complicated. You will have the choice between people who are already employed and who must be convinced to join your company or young professionals who have little to no experience and who must be trained. 

Having an internal marketing team can be beneficial, especially in terms of time management and priorities. Your team is dedicated to your business, which allows you to choose the order of the tasks and the deadlines. But beware, especially with the Gen Z arriving on the job market, well-being at work is becoming more and more important, which means that once you have found your employees, you will have to invest in their well-being at the risk of seeing them quit. Choosing to hire is therefore something to think about and cannot be done without taking all other options into consideration.

Freelancers, the promising alternative 

Speaking of other options, we also looked at the possibility of choosing a freelance marketing specialist to take care of the marketing of your business. Freelancers offer the possibility of hiring people with very good expertise in their field. When it comes to graphic design or copywriting, freelancers can be a good option to seriously consider. In addition to entrusting your project to an expert in the field, you are also entrusting it to someone who often has lots of different experiences because working as a freelancer makes it possible to develop skills in various fields. However, choosing freelancers also means choosing to hire several external people who will have to collaborate, even though they may not share the same work methods or the same visions. It also means taking the risk of sometimes being exposed to copyright issues. In addition, your marketing needs may expand and work with a freelancer may no longer be appropriate at that time.

Still need another option?

A digital marketing agency! Working with a digital marketing agency is, of course, entrusting your project to an external team and taking the risk, as with freelancing, that the two teams don’t understand each other. However, it should be noted that this is rare and that the goal of a marketing agency is to adapt to its clients’ reality. It is also the option that can be the most expensive, if not the one we tend to avoid. However, when you do the math, you realize that working with a marketing agency or hiring someone is more or less equal. So why work with a marketing agency? Well, because entrusting the marketing of your business to a specialized agency is to take the workload away from you. At Middle, our clients have access to the combined skills of all our employees. Working with an agency means working with a Project Manager, a Graphic Designer, and a Social Media Manager and this is only for the production part. And all this without the need to go through the long and difficult recruitment phase. Working with an agency is also a great solution for those who have little to no knowledge of marketing whatsoever. Choosing a marketing agency to carry out your projects frees you from the time and hassle that hiring in-house can cause. It also allows you to take advantage of all the skills that freelancers can offer you, but in one place. 

Finally, you should consider the option of making a mix of all these possibilities, choosing what is best for you and your business.



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