International Work Policy

The importance of providing a flexible work environment has gained a lot of popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic turned our work habits upside down. 

The advantages of this, both on a personal and on a team level within an organization, as well as the significant benefits that this flexibility offers, have prompted Middle to determine a flexible work policy, which we are outlining for you today. 

  • Hybrid work mode
  • Flexible work hours
  • Nomadic work

Significant advantages

According to a report published by the BDC, the main benefits of working from home are reduced travel time (84%), a more flexible work schedule (62%) and a better work/life balance (58%).

At Middle, respect is an integral part of our values. So respecting the specific needs and preferences of each of us makes sense. With the hybrid work mode, some of us are in the office 5 days a week because that’s what they prefer, while others take advantage of the hybrid mode to follow their schedules and benefit from a better work/life balance. 

Our policy

All of the employees at Middle have access to the hybrid work mode and flexible work hours following their training period of three months. To facilitate integration and training, we prefer that everything be done in person, whenever possible. 

Work from anywhere is available after six months of continuous service at Middle and after demonstrating the autonomy to organize your workload and schedule to the managers. 

In addition, each employee must ensure that she can work in the appropriate time zone. Since client meetings are scheduled according to Montreal business hours, our employees are committed to respecting this schedule, regardless of the time difference that may be imposed by their geographical location. 

Similarly, deliverables must be submitted during Montreal hours, which means that the material must be delivered within the business hours of the employees and clients in Montreal.

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