Goal: Interaction

Social media is a vast playground for businesses. But it can also be difficult to define goals and establish publishing strategies that align with these goals. There are four main categories of objectives in social media management: Engagement, Reach, Interaction and Conversion. Before embarking on a creative process, it’s crucial to determine what you want to achieve on your various platforms. 

Do you want more likes, more comments and more shares? Then your goal is interaction. We’ll show you how to achieve that goal.

Define the purpose of your page

This may seem basic, but it can be very easy to get lost. Depending on the industry evolves in, the purpose of your page may be to entertain, inform, make people think, or add value. We must always keep this goal in mind when defining our objectives so that all the components of the strategy are aligned. 

Find post ideas to encourage interaction

Different types of posts, of course, bring different types of results. Here are 7 of the most relevant and popular types of posts to get more likes, more comments and more shares:

  1. Publish news about your business

There are many topics that can fit into the news. Let’s take the example of a company that sells products. They might post about current products they want to promote, new products, sales or discounts offered. If they are developing a new website, they can also publish any news related to it.

  1. Share news about your industry

There is always something new in every industry. Subscribe to news websites related to your field and share news on your page from time to time. By doing so, you’re showing your audience value-added content and you’re keeping them informed on the latest market trends (and what you’re doing to stay relevant and up-to-date).

  1. Call to Action

On your page, you probably have a button that allows your subscribers to contact you, order or even schedule a service. If this is the case, you can write your posts with the intention of inviting your target audience to take action. If not, we can help you with that!

  1. Share theme days

Continuing on the same path as sharing news from your industry, if there are important themes related to you or to your business, there are several national and international days for all kinds of topics. For example, if protecting the environment is part of your values, make a post for World Ozone Layer Protection Day, which takes place on September 16th. This shows your subscribers what kind of company you are.

  1. Ask your audience to talk to you

It is much harder said than done, we agree. The goal is simply to start a conversation in the comment section. We want comments and feedback! You should then ask your visitors questions about your products or even a funny question to entertain them. 

  1. Share testimonials

Sharing testimonials from satisfied customers on your page shows you have a good reputation and gives your audience some reassurance that doing business with your company is a good thing for them. When you have satisfied customers, don’t hesitate to share their experiences. With their consent, of course!

  1. Organize a contest

Nothing is easier than a good old-fashioned contest: people love receiving free items! After mentioning the prize to be won and explaining the contest, simply ask them to like your post, and mention 2 or 3 of their friends in the comments (so they will also see your post and hopefully do the same thing as the person who identified them and so on), and then subscribe to your page if they haven’t already. In no time you will increase your number of subscribers, likes, comments and shares. It’s easy!

Important to consider: 

Just because you have 15,000 followers on your page doesn’t mean they are all potential customers. It’s important to do some targeting, even within your own community. Engagement is a whole different thing!

Just because you have interaction on your posts, it doesn’t mean those visitors will turn into buyers. Conversion is a whole other goal and could be the topic of another article in the future. Be on the lookout 😉

Hopefully, these little tips helped you a bit. Still, need help optimizing your strategies and getting results? That’s one of our areas of expertise! Book a free appointment with our beautiful team!


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