Cultivating the Art of Balance in the Workplace

At Middle, balance – a central theme of our philosophy that has been the driving force behind our healthy and sustainable growth – is embodied in a variety of ways and is made possible through a number of mechanisms and best practices put in place over time.

Here’s a closer look at one of Middle’s core values.  

Embodying balance every day

Work-life balance is very much about having a healthy schedule. In fact, schedule flexibility is one of the deciding factors for Gen Z when it comes to accepting a job offer. However, this flexibility takes different forms depending on the employee. For some, finding the balance will mean being able to work out during lunchtime, while others will want to be able to pick up their kids earlier, and some will simply want the freedom to adapt their schedule to their reality. 

Flexibility as a source of loyalty

This flexibility is made possible through open and caring communication on both sides, allowing employees to evolve in a non-judgmental environment – as discussed in the very first article of this series. “This allows us to build an environment of mutual trust that allows everyone to be themselves, and creates a sense of belonging among our members, which in turn creates loyalty,” explains Karelle Lépine.

Optimizing time on the clock

The agency has put in place a set of practices that ensures both the quality of services and the respect of the work-life balance for each member. While the team meets at the office once a week for the weekly meeting, each member can work from the location of his or her choice, as long as he or she can do so in the Montreal time zone, in order to remain available for clients. This availability has its limits: Middle invites employees not to answer emails between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. in order not to open the door to excesses and harmful precedents. This rule is not a hindrance to customer service, quite the contrary: employees are no longer exhausted. Everyone is grateful for the limits set and the quality of customer service is greatly improved! 

“At Middle, it’s the results that count. As long as the results are there and the customer service is impeccable, we will always be open to adapting our schedules according to the reality of our employees.

Karelle Lépine, Founder and CEO of Middle 

Balance respected, productivity maximized

Since this balance is at the heart of Middle’s employees’ values, all of them are committed to respecting it by providing outstanding service to clients. This philosophy guides the actions of the entire team and motivates them to be efficient on a daily basis in order to provide the best possible service.



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