Case Study: When Abandoned Carts Lead to Strategy

In digital marketing, we work with several tools that allow us to access very useful data for our work. We briefly introduced you to Google Analytics in our article on its new version, and, if you’ve read it, you now know it’s possible to measure the number of abandoned carts on your site. One of our clients encountered this problem. Let us walk you through what we put in place to fix the issue.

Why do your customers abandon their carts?

Once one of your products is added to the cart, you can say that it’s a done deal. After all, the hard work is done. So why is it so common to see abandoned carts?

There can be several reasons: there are reasons that we, as a digital marketing agency, can’t do anything about, such as the final price with taxes and shipping costs that can put the customer off, or the delivery time. In short, everything we can’t control. And there are causes such as a badly built website, slow navigation or a purchase process that is too long or complete. Those are elements we can help you with. We can also implement solutions to make your potential customers reconsider their abandoned purchases.

What solutions can we consider?

First, for everything that concerns the layout and speed of your website, we can help you by offering a redesign of your site, going through the conversion flow and building a mockup. We can also apply this to the buying process after identifying the problems that cause your potential customers to leave your site without completing their purchases.

Finally, for shopping carts that were abandoned because the person was not sure of their purchase or decided to postpone it, we can set up an email nurturing sequence.

We built a sequence for one of our clients who sell health and beauty products and offer virtual consultations to provide personalized advice on how to choose the best products, adapted to the customer’s reality. We included in the email sequence a reminder of this offer to invite potential buyers to book their sessions so that they could be reassured of their choice of product and its relevance to their personal health.

When a customer starts a shopping cart but abandons it along the way, generally he has already entered his e-mail address which you can then retrieve. We can then set up an automated email that is sent after someone abandons their cart. This way, you remind your customer of their interest in your product and this can push them to come back to your site, and this time, finalize their purchase.

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