Case Study: Reducing the Bounce Rate

As a digital marketing agency, we face various issues we have to solve for our clients. Awareness, consideration, and conversion, issues fall into various categories and the one we are going to address today happens to be a consideration issue.

Are you ready? We’ll take you with us to solve a high bounce rate!

What is the Bounce Rate?

In digital marketing, bounce rate refers to the percentage of visits to your website that result in either a single page view or in users leaving your website almost immediately.

When we become aware of a high bounce rate on one of our client’s websites, we make sure to offer solutions that aim to reduce this rate.

First Step: the Conversion Flow

You may be familiar with the term since we have already used it in our article I need a web presence, but we will still make a brief reminder of what a conversion flow is.

A conversion flow traces the paths that users take when they visit your website. Where do they come from, why did they come, where do they go and what steps do they have to take to get to the pages they are interested in?

This step is crucial for us, because that is how we understand what problems users encounter and why they leave a website after a few seconds or minutes.

What Can Cause Users to Leave my Site?

There can be many reasons for a high bounce rate, but they are often the same ones that come up. You, as a user, have experienced these problems that caused you to leave a website quickly after arriving.

The most common causes are lack of clarity, lack of information or the fact that information is difficult to find, but also a website that is too slow or poorly constructed.

A client had launched an advertising campaign on a subject that was mentioned at the very bottom of his home page. The result? Potential customers of the brand were coming to the site after clicking on the ad campaign, but could not easily find the information and were leaving before filling out the form they were supposed to fill out. The solution was to implement a unique landing page for the ad campaign’s topic to redirect traffic to the desired content.

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate?

After identifying the problem(s) that users are experiencing that are resulting in a high bounce rate, we start by creating a mock-up of your site. This way, by redesigning your site, we help you fix the problems that are causing your users to leave your site as quickly as they arrived!

When we create site mock-ups, we take your existing pages and provide you with an improved version. Our changes can be about the content only and the organization of it, but they can also include a visual redesign to be better adapted to your visual identity.

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