Case Study: Increasing Interaction Via Social Media

It’s not uncommon to see posts in your news feed that have very few or even no likes or comments, even though the pages from which they originate have hundreds or even thousands of followers. At Middle, we help you understand what is causing a lack of engagement on your posts and we help you fix the situation. 

Lots of Subscribers, Little Interaction

My page has a lot of followers, but they do not interact with my content, why? 

The lack of interaction has several causes. First, we must be aware potential customers are very solicited on social media, and for your posts to get your target market’s attention, they must meet certain criteria. 

The posts that have a lot of interaction are those that are visually attractive. Your content must attract the eye, otherwise, your audience will scroll down their news feed without even seeing your post. 

Phase 1: Getting noticed

How do we get our posts noticed? 

Your post must stand out from your competitors. Several techniques exist: add attractive visuals, follow your visual identity and are clear, but also emojis in the text that will catch the eye of your audience (be careful not to overdo it). 

For one client, we created an Instagram grid with regularly published visual templates to create a very clean visual presentation, including the bright colours of our client’s brand. This careful visual organization of content had the effect of capturing the attention of the audience, who gradually began to interact more with the content in question.

Phase 2: Keeping the attention 

How do we keep the attention of our audience?

Once the attention is captured, we must be able to keep it. To do this, we avoid texts that are too long. Let’s be honest: too few people will read the whole thing and get the whole message. We recommend you go straight to the point and try to keep it as short as the subject allows. 

As much as possible, you should also adopt a tone of voice that remains professional, but not too serious. Aside from LinkedIn, social media posts are usually seen during times when your audience is looking for entertainment. So you need to address them in a tone that will engage them. 

Our social media management strategies all include an editorial calendar, but also a social media policy, allowing us to publish in a consistent way: the tone of voice to adopt, the maximum number of words, relevant emojis, etc.

Phase 3: Building interaction with CTAs

How do you build interaction with Call To Action (CTA)?

Depending on the subject of your publication, you must not forget to put in an appropriate CTA. 

If you are presenting a product, invite your audience to visit your website to see your full product page by including a link to the product’s page at the end of your post. 

Your post does not really give you the opportunity to put a CTA with a link. Ask your audience for their opinion or a shared experience – in short, encourage them to interact with your post. The more engagement, likes, comments, and shares your posts get, the more social media algorithms will make your post appear on the news feed of people outside your core audience, which will attract more people to your page. 

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