Case Study: Brand Awareness via More Followers

One of the first problems our clients face is that their social media pages have few followers. This can be due to several factors. Today, we are going to present you one of the solutions we have suggested and implemented for some of our clients.

I Have Few Followers, Why?

The causes can be multiple and above all, specific to each account or page on social media. At Agence Middle, we have very different client profiles: some already have a small presence on social media. They are the ones to whom we have provided solutions to develop their brand awareness to help them achieve their goals.

For others, we had to build everything, or we arrived at their very first steps of a presence on social media.

The Automation Solution

What’s an automation? At Agence Middle, we use the PhantomBuster. Through its integrations with tools like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, PhantomBuster allows us to define a highly targeted audience based on specific criteria, such as job type, region, profile language, industry, company size, etc.

Once the audience is defined, we use the tool to send a message automatically–which will be written and approved in advance– to the profiles corresponding to our target by inviting them to join our client’s page. These messages are carefully crafted by our team to be general, but personalized, so it seems it was personally written by the owner of the page making it easier for people to pay attention to the content.

Our Results: an Increase in Awareness

As an example, two LinkedIn pages of two clients for whom we used an automation. The two profiles are different, the first one is a personal account for which we needed to develop its audience, while the other is a company that wanted to increase its brand awareness, but more directly its number of subscribers on its LinkedIn page. For both, we used an automation on LinkedIn.

For the company’s account, we noted an increase of 74% in the number of subscribers in 9 months, while our second client–who wanted to create a network on his personal account– accumulated a little over 1000 subscribers in 5 months.

Automations are one of the solutions we offer to our clients to increase their awareness and that constantly gives us convincing results. If you want to learn more about our solutions to increase your marketing, book an exploratory meeting!


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