AI to Analyze Your Designs

At Middle, we are always looking for ideas to innovate, but most importantly, to ensure the quality of the content we produce. In addition, data analysis is a priority at Middle because it allows us to make decisions based on FACTS. 

It was in our search for a tool to optimize our advertising campaigns that we discovered Hippoc.ai. In addition to introducing you to the tool, the agency’s founder, Karelle, took advantage of her presence at the Collision Conference earlier this summer to conduct an interview with the founder, Kévin Combe.

What is Hippoc.Ai?

Hippoc.ai is an artificial intelligence platform that analyzes visual content. In a few seconds, the platform has the power to predict how a design will be processed by the brain in order to evaluate if it will be effective with the public. Specifically, the AI identifies the elements that attract attention and are memorable. Using these two metrics, the Hippoc.ai team has created a performance scale, also known as an impact score, that allows the user to evaluate whether or not their content will be effective. 

Why is this important?

As a content creation agency, we know the importance of providing our clients with professional and quality content. Hippoc.ai’s artificial intelligence instantly shares its opinion in the form of a score with its users. The creations are then optimized until they are ready for their big unveiling on the web.

This creation tool helps push the innovation and creativity of the designers who use it. In fact, they use the platform’s analysis to present tangible data to clients or collaborators who do not have design experience. By adding a layer of data and presenting their creative process in the form of an analysis report, designers gain credibility with their clients, as well as their confidence. For clients, working with an agency or freelancer that uses the Hippoc.ai platform is a guarantee that the work will always be optimized. 

The evolution of Hippoc.ai

The creators of the app have revealed they are moving towards a reorganization of the platform, including the optimization of their integration with Canva, the ability to back up the analysis and a collaborative feature. In addition, the Hippoc.ai team is working hard to make their newest feature available: video content analysis.

Agence Middle is proud to count Hippoc.ai among its partners. This is a great company from Quebec that deserves to be known. 


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