Why is SEO important?

You probably already have an idea of the importance of optimizing your website for organic search. You already know what goals you would like to achieve and in how long. However, do you know what a regularly optimized website can bring you?


1- Gain credibility with SEO

If you offer an optimized website that is original, secure and fast to download, you gain a lot of credibility points with users! They will take the necessary time to discover all the sections of your website that interest them and will probably come back. They will find your website reliable, whether they are buying products or services.

Our tip: add an “About” page and introduce all your team members! In addition to highlighting your employees, this page immediately gives a human side to your business. Your users will always feel closer to a brand they can put faces on.


2- Build customer loyalty with SEO

When your users have a pleasant customer experience, thanks to UX design, they will tend to come back–either for information, or to purchase your products or services. They will also recommend your website to their acquaintances, so you can build a network of loyal customers.

Our tip: focus on the UX design of your website! A website that is easy to navigate and to understand will be much more appreciated than a non-optimized website.


3- Become a strong opponent for your competitors

If you optimize your website properly, you can appear in the first results of SERPs. The first places are worth their weight in gold, as it has been shown that the first 3 places get 75% of the organic clicks. 

Our tip: choose the keywords you want to be listed for. If they have a high search volume, with a low difficulty rate, then you have found your gem. The challenge is to choose the keyword that sums up your business and that is not used too much by your competitors, in order to get the most out of the optimization of your website. 


4- Reach a new audience more easily thanks to SEO

If your optimization is successful, then you can easily reach a new audience directly on search engines. Once these new users are on your website, points 2 and 3 can be repeated.


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