The Instagram Algorithm, New Features and Challenges

Social media is evolving rapidly, and we see evidence of this every day. As a digital marketing agency, we obviously work with social media on a daily basis. Let us give you a quick rundown of what’s new regarding the Instagram algorithm. 

The three determining factors

In 2022, the Instagram algorithm relies on three main factors to determine what users see on their feed. 

First is interest. The algorithm looks at the behaviors of its users to predict their interest in new posts. You may have seen posts on your feed from people or accounts you don’t know or follow, but produce content similar to what you interact with. If your feed used to only show you posts from people you followed, this is no longer the case. 

Second is the relevance of your posts. Is it a trending topic? Is it a current event? All this is taken into account by the algorithm to rank your post.

Finally, your relationship with the person. If that person follows you or interacts with your content regularly, Instagram will show them your posts more regularly than if they don’t. This is why, when you are a business working with social media, it is important that you interact with your community. 

There are also other parameters that the algorithm takes into account, but the three most important ones are the ones we just mentioned, which can be summarized as “Who, What and When”. Who is publishing? What is it about? Is it current? 

Reels and Stories

Getting noticed on Instagram reels is possible, but it will require some knowledge.

First of all, you’ll need to know the trends. If, compared to Tiktok, Instagram subjects some sounds to copyright, this is not the case for all and some are used and very trendy. 

Second of all, and this is the platform itself that says it, well-made reels with careful editing and funny effects are more likely to please, and therefore to be recommended by the algorithm to a wider audience! 

However, avoid reposting Tiktoks in your reels, as the other platform’s logo will appear and make your content less qualitative in the eyes of those who watch it. And if users don’t like it… neither does Instagram! 

Finally, to increase your visibility, you can share your reels in your feed using relevant hashtags.

When it comes to Stories, Instagram prioritizes showing users Stories from the accounts they interact with the most. To get your story seen, prioritize making stories that push for engagement. Instagram has many features to do so, such as quizzes, polls etc. 

Instagram has also introduced a new feature that allows you to like the stories you watch. So prioritize qualitative content and beautiful photos and videos so that your community interacts with it! 

In conclusion, Instagram’s algorithm focuses on the interest users have for a certain type of content, but also on the topicality of it. Posts with relevant hashtags that are trending on the platform, reels that follow trends, and Stories that drive engagement can be a paying strategy to make your Instagram account stand out for the algorithm! 

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