Repurposing your content

When creating content, you may want to repurpose previously published material on other platforms. Reusing content is common, but you need to be careful when proceeding. To help you navigate this, we’ve put together a list of ways you can repurpose old content.


You can reuse your content in stories, mainly on Instagram which has many features to help you create engagement. For example, you can do polls on a specific topic you’ve covered in a post, blog post or FAQ, allowing you to link back to your previously published content. 


Many social media platforms offer the possibility to create image carousels. You can take advantage of this to create carousels of infographics gathering key information from a blog post or a series of publications with a common topic that are already available individually on your pages.


Blog posts are great sources of content to repurpose: too long to be transferred as is on your social media, they can still serve as a basis for sharing them in other forms: in publications, in reels or on Tiktok. A 30 seconds to 1 minute video that covers key points of a topic you’ve covered on your blog can bring great visibility and give you the opportunity to link back to your original content. 

Updates on content

Sometimes a topic you’ve covered may have been updated after you’ve published about it. Citing your original content with a note is a great method of repurposing it.

News items

News is a great topic for content creation, but it has the distinction of being very temporal, so your content on that topic has to be published at a moment’s notice and is therefore difficult to reuse. However, it happens that a news topic resurfaces some time later, with new information which allows you to share again this news by mentioning your previous publication.

For example, at Agence Middle, we wrote an article about the changes Elon Musk made to Twitter. With each new change (and trust us, there’s been quite a few) that generates a story in the media, we can make a post linking to our article that we update. 

Series of key information

By now you’ve figured it out, blog posts can be repurposed in many different ways and one of them is by creating a series of posts using key points. Start all your posts in the series with the same mention, then use the key points from your blog posts and you’re done! At Agence Middle, we have a series of case studies, which led to a series of social media posts.

Reusing content can be a great way to create new content, especially when it comes to topics you are an expert of. The trick is to do it intelligently, without only regularly sharing the same publication, in which case the algorithms may not favour them. 

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