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Social networks are a vast field of learning and channels with infinite communication possibilities. As part of our work, we use these platforms daily and constantly update our knowledge through training. In this article, we will explain what Instagram is and who should use this network. Finally, you will learn 5 free tips to best develop your publishing strategy to improve your visibility on Instagram and thus, increase your brand awareness.


Insta What?

Instagram is a platform where users consume images and videos galore, whether it’s for inspiration, a change of scenery, or window shopping. In fact, according to Business Instagram, 62% of users surveyed during a study conducted by Facebook Inc. – now Meta Platforms,a multinational technology conglomerate that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, among other products and services. – said they had a stronger interest in a product or its brand after seeing it in stories. For those who don’t know, a story is an ephemeral post made by a user or a company. You can include whatever you want, but in the context we’re interested in, we’ll focus on content intended to promote products or services. 


Who should be on Instagram?

It’s really important to understand that Instagram isn’t for every business and that you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to this network if you decide to embark on this journey. Businesses aiming to sell products to a large audience often have more success on this platform. On the other hand, if you aim to sell services to businesses, it might be better to focus on a Linkedin strategy. 

If your target audience is on Instagram, this article is for you. Always keep in mind: it’s better not to be present, than to be present in the wrong way. In short, we’re not teaching you anything when we tell you that social media marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase the visibility of your business. This is because their tools allow us to measure the impact of our posts. 

Here are 5 free tips to improve your profile and its visibility on Instagram and thus, increase the your brand awareness. 


1- Have a short and precise description or bio

To generate visibility, whether on your website or Facebook page, it’s important to have an Instagram profile that makes potential clients stick. Thus, your description or bio should be straight to the point. It should also be about what you or your brand does, in 1 or 2 words. For example: Event organizer, Sustainable business, Clothing store, etc. 


2- Post photos and videos

On Instagram, it’s essential to publish photos and videos–its the network’s main purpose. One word of advice: your branding should be reflected in all your visuals! It’s up to you to find the number that suits you, but you need to publish several times a day to have an increased presence and stay in the feed of your followers or subscribers to your hashtags. Read on to learn more about these.


3- Publish stories

Now that you know what a story is (stories exist on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat), we’ll explain how to take advantage of them for your professional account. 

The idea behind this form of publication is to present content with added value, but in a more casual or friendly way than your regular posts. It can be a behind-the-scenes look at production or offices, something your customers want to know. We can also share big announcements for events and launches, add our location, write inspirational messages and much more. Sometimes we take the opportunity to re-share a recent publication so it generates more views (we won’t make a new post, but we’ll share as a story). You get the idea.


4- Interact with your community

Creating a community for a brand is not done by snapping your fingers. That’s why it’s so important to interact daily with your community. Interacting with your community means liking and commenting on publications from people who follow you, who like and comment on your posts in order to hopefully get new followers in return. It’s also important to respond to all comments and messages left on your own publications as quickly as possible. 


5- Use Hashtags

The famous # Hashtags. Hashtags allow us to get more free views on our posts and attract traffic to our page. We can put up to 30 in a post or if we want to leave it ”clean”, we can put up to 30 per comment under said posts. Thanks to the search section of Instagram, everyonewho is interested in the topics you are covering with your hashtags can find your posts. Also, they can subscribe to a specific hashtag and you will appear in their news feed. Let’s take the example of a post about digital marketing. The relevant hashtags could be: #marketing #web #digitalmarketing #technology #innovation and so on.


We hope this overview was helpful and gives you a good head start. Want to learn more? There are still hundreds of tips to optimize your presence on this platform, so don’t hesitate to educate yourself, understand the algorithm and take the necessary steps to increase your presence. 


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