How to optimize your LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn is a bit of a UFO in the world of social networks: it’s the only one that defines itself as a professional network. This means you shouldn’t post pictures of kitties. But there are many, many advantages to this platform! You will be able to add your boss, your colleagues, or the man (or woman) you met at a conference. The goal? Expanding your professional network and publishing about your company, industry and position. We suggest not to invite your mother or your aunt, as they tend to comment on everything you post.

Are you intrigued by the fact that you can share your business? From your latest products or services, to your team, your recruiting methods and the events you organize, you can post countless times and acquire an audience that shares your field of expertise and interests. The big plus is that you can communicate directly with your target audience through private messages and create new contacts for possible collaborations or simply exchange ideas and perspectives. Don’t forget to develop an adequate content strategy to reach your goals faster!

In short, if you want to grow your professional network, post about your business and propel it in the industry, hurry and create a profile on LinkedIn!

Here are some tips on how to optimize your personal profile and your Business page!

How to create and optimize your personal LinkedIn profile

Nothing could be easier: fill in all the fields! Profile picture, profile title, summary, personal information, past and present experience, skills and recommendations: everything! The more precise you are in your profile, the more it will interest your peers. Don’t forget to be original in your profile title (which is more than your job) and in your summary to catch the attention!

How to grow your contact list

Your network includes all the people who follow you and see your posts and reactions on their feed. If they have the same interests and are in the same field as you, they will tend to react to your posts, and that’s exactly what we want! So add your former and current colleagues and clients, people you meet at events, the pillars in your industry, people you went to school with. You can also join groups to expand your network and chat with strangers who share the same passions as you.

How to build your Business page

What is a business page on Linkedin? That page will be the showcase of your company on LinkedIn: your employees will put it in their current jobs, you will be able to post from this page and create a new type of interaction as users will communicate directly with your company. As with your profile, fill in all the available fields to give as much information as possible and users will know within seconds what type of company they are looking at. And once again, don’t forget to be original in your presentation and to personalize it! For example, for a photography company, don’t put “Photography Company”, but rather “Creative Ensemble Seeking to Capture Life’s Moments”. Originality and personality always pay off!

How to optimize your company’s Linkedin page:

1 – Create and post relevant and useful content.

As mentioned above, pictures of your kitten have no place on LinkedIn. To generate engagement, your posts must add value to those who read them. You need to build a relationship of trust with your followers! Never publish text alone: many like to have a photo or infographic to illustrate what they are reading.

2 – Post videos.

As you can see, the quality of the content you post is essential. If you decide to post a video, here are some tips to optimize it as much as possible. Your video must be professional (demonstration, interview, how-to videos…) and last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to catch the users’ attention without losing it. On LinkedIn, you can post a video that lasts up to 10 minutes!

3 – Mention your partners and collaborators.

In addition to the recognition and satisfaction it brings you personally, you can also reach a new audience through your partners and show them your capabilities and activities. That way, you can keep in touch with your various collaborators and colleagues!

4 – Use hashtags.

These keywords marked with a # give your content a chance to reach a lot more people. Users often search for specific topics, places, people, or companies using a single word: the opportunity is there! The right recipe is to combine specific hashtags (example: #Middle) with more general ones (example: #marketing) and above all, don’t use 25! Five well-chosen hashtags will have more success than 20 random hashtags.

5 – Re-share your professional posts with your personal account.

Yes, it may seem a bit narcissistic, but in fact it works really well! Why? Simply because your contacts are mostly on your personal profile and it’s a great way to reach people in your industry (who can also re-share your posts and start a nice snowball effect!)

6 – Invite your connections to like your company page.

This will increase your number of subscribers (and LinkedIn likes that) and create additional value. So use your network without moderation, that’s what it’s there for!

Have these tips given you a good overview of all the opportunities that LinkedIn offers? There is still so much to learn! Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice by booking an exploratory meeting!


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