A short guide to get more followers on your social media platforms

In the world of social media, getting followers is paramount. While there are many known and proven practices, maintaining a regular content calendar and posting schedule is not enough, or at least not alone. To increase your number of followers on social media platforms, there are several tricks to implement and add to your classic content. 

What you need to know

One of the first things you need to know is that when your content is organic, meaning that it is not sponsored or promoted with paid ads, it is only seen by the people who are already subscribers of your page. People who are not followers will not see your organic posts.

There is always the possibility that people who follow you will share your content, which will extend your audience to their personal network. However, whether they share or not is something you cannot predict or control. 

Some practices to increase your number of followers

Here are 6 tips to increase your followers base. 

1. Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags can help users find content they’re interested in. By adding hashtags to your content (sparingly), you can appear in searches and recommendations for users who have an interest in the topic you are covering. However, the use of hashtags is not the same across all social media platforms.

2. Interacting with your audience 

Interacting with your audience is very important, especially to create engagement! By responding to comments and messages you receive, you show that you care about your followers and humanize your page. This can bring more people to follow you. 

3. Contests 

Organizing a contest can bring new subscribers to your page. Since these posts sometimes require sharing, it will create engagement and show your post on more news feeds. 

4. Don’t limit yourself to one platform

Each platform has its own specific audience and purpose. We don’t use Instagram and LinkedIn for the same purpose, or to reach the same audience. It’s important that you explore different platforms based on your target audience, but it’s also important to diversify in order to reach more people. 

Your presence on social media shouldn’t be seen as a post equals a conversion. Your goal on social media should be to create a community of potential customers and engage with them to be there when they need your product or service. If you’re in the service industry, your presence should be thought as another window; people will search for your service and look for different sources from your website to your Google reviews to your Facebook or Instagram page. If your pages aren’t claimed or if they’re not active, a potential customer might look somewhere else, thinking your business is not open anymore. 

5. Collaboration

Collaborating with other accounts will expose you to different audiences and introduce your content to new people. This way, you will attract the attention of a new audience. 

6. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts on Facebook, if used properly, can grow your audience. Use them to create an audience to share valuable content with so they want to follow you.


Creating quality content on a regular basis will remain the foundation of managing your online presence on social media. However, alone, it will not be able to attract more followers to your different pages. Different tactics will have to be put in place to help you grow your audience and see your number of followers increase. 

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