5 Reasons We Love Canva

At Middle, one of our core values is transparency. We strongly believe in sharing information and networking rather than fierce competition. That’s why we decided to share our knowledge in our marketing workshops. We’re lucky enough to have collaborated with Calixa for an event, which focused on creating engaging visuals with Canva.

Here are the five main reasons why we love Canva.

1. Easy to use

Canva is a tool made for everyone–not just trained graphic designers. Canva’s simplicity makes it a perfect companion to create all your visuals and give them a professional look for less. Canva obviously offers hundreds of themes to choose from, but more importantly, editing features that can be found in more complex software such as background removal, several filters and effects, as well as a large library of stock photos.

Our advice:

If you plan to use a theme that has already been created, be sure to update the colours, images and text to reflect your own brand.

2. Canva knows all the formats

Do you easily forget the different formats needed for your different social networks? Canva has the solution. That’s because all formats–whether it’s Instagram stories, LinkedIn banners or Facebook ads–come pre-formatted on Canva. 

Our advice:

Better yet, you can simply resize and copy your visuals into new formats. That way, your brand image will be recognizable across all your networks.

3. Easy and direct export

Whether you want to export your visual in JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF or even MP4, exporting is easy and of high quality. You can also create a smaller ZIP file to easily share files in high resolution.

Our advice:

If your document has multiple pages, name each page and then when you export each file will have its name set. 

4. Teamwork on Canva

In our team, we have always valued helping each other and working in groups. The “Pro” version of Canva allows multiple people to work on the same visual at the same time. This option lets each team member give feedback if needed.

5. Options for scheduling and presenting

Finally, two features that deserve to be highlighted are the options to schedule your creations directly from Canva to all your social networks and the presentation option. Indeed, in addition to being able to create your presentation visuals (like the ones we used for our workshop), Canva also allows you to share them. The option to schedule is available for Instagram, your Facebook page, Twitter and Linkedin, among others.

Our advice:

At Middle, we especially like the option to schedule posts for Linkedin directly on Canva. Indeed, this option is not (yet) available as a native feature on Linkedin and being able to program posts in advance gives us more freedom. Be careful though, this option only allows you to create posts of less than 700 characters.

All in all, as you can see, we are big fans of Canva. It is a very complete tool, which is entirely part of our work.


Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer

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