Case Study: How We Brought Trafic to Physical Stores

When you decide to invest in digital marketing, you expect to get conversions on your social media and website. However, digital marketing can also help you get conversions to your physical store. But how? Keep reading to find out how we did it for two of our clients!

From virtual to real life

When you decide to invest in digital marketing for your business, it’s often with the idea that it will drive traffic to your social media and/or website. But digital marketing tools can also help bring potential customers into your physical store. 

Tools for targeting

All the examples you will find in this article include one tool, in particular, the Propulso platform. This tool offers the possibility to create geo-targeted ad campaigns. 

But what does that mean? It’s very simple; it allows us to target potential customers who would be in or passing through a geographically defined area and show them ads from your company on their social networks or targeted ads on search engines. 

It sounds very “Big Brother”, but from a marketing point of view, this tool is very useful and interesting to help you in the development of your business and in the growth of your conversions. 

Real-life examples

At Agence Middle, we’ve used this tool with two of our clients, who are in very different industries. 

The first is a women’s clothing store. Thanks to Propulso, we were able to define targeting zones around the brand’s retail stores or competitors. This allowed us to increase the traffic in our client’s boutique since when the targeted people shopped online, they were seeing ads for our client.

Our second client is in the food industry with a focus on products from Quebec, so we created two campaigns: one to target local grocery stores and fruit stores near their location and the other to target tourist areas to advertise their Quebec food-tasting service.

Want to bring people into your store? We can help! Don’t hesitate to book an exploratory meeting to learn more.


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