Case Study: Brand Awareness Through Web Presence

At Agence Middle, we’re here to support you, no matter how far along in your marketing journey you are. Sometimes our clients already have a web presence, a website generating good traffic and established social media profiles. But we also work on projects where we start from scratch and guide our clients through the creation of their entire marketing plan, from their website to their social media. If you’re looking for a web presence, you’ve come to the right place: let us detail the services we offer at Agence Middle.

Branding: the Importance of a Brand Guide

Let’s start with the basics: the visual identity and the brand guide.

 To make your brand and your company known, you need to make it recognizable to potential customers. That’s why it’s important that our clients’ visual identity is easily identifiable. Sometimes our clients work with external designers who develop their logo and graphic charter, sometimes it is our in-house designer who creates the entire identity of our clients. 

If we often remember a brand’s logo, we also remember, perhaps more subconsciously, the colours the brand uses; Coca-Cola’s red, Mcdonald’s yellow, UPS’ brown or Facebook’s blue for example. These colours must therefore be chosen carefully, as well as the fonts used on the website and then declined in the visuals we use on social media. 

Creating an Editorial Calendar

Whether our clients only need a strategy or a strategy and implementation, our strategy always includes an editorial calendar. This is a tool we use to organize and schedule social media posts, but that can also be used for paid advertising, both on social media and on Google. 

Websites Creation

At Agence Middle, we work with several platforms that allow us to create websites, such as WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace. 

We have created websites for some of our clients, taking part in the creation of the brand’s complete web presence. 

When we create a website, we start by creating a visual mock-up of each page and a conversion flow that we present to the client, then we build the website from scratch, respecting the company’s graphic charter. 

What is the Conversion Flow? 

In the creation of a website, or when we suggest the redesign of a website, the conversion flow is essential. It allows us to trace all the steps and paths users of your website will take and to optimize them to make them simpler, faster and clearer. 

We put ourselves in the head of your potential customers or users and thus we take the paths they will take. It’s all about tracking which user is going to take which path and for what purpose in order to make their journey on the website as pleasant and fluid as possible. 

If you need a web presence, do not hesitate to contact us! Agence Middle can accompany you all the way. 


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