Case Study: Advertising Campaigns

As a business, you may want to promote one of your products or services on social media. At Middle, we can help you do just that with an advertising strategy. Here’s a quick overview of our service!

Why advertise a product or service?

Advertising a part of your offer is not trivial and must be thoroughly planned. You can choose advertise a part of your offer because you know it is already successful or on the contrary you can choose to put forward a part of your offer that is less successful and thus attract the attention of potential customers.

What can be done?

There are several ways to draw attention to a product or service you offer. You can decide to promote them through your posts on social media, on your website, but you can also decide to rely on an advertising strategy.

Implementing an advertising strategy

Choosing to advertise one of your products or services can be a very useful way to promote it. There are several types of ads you can decide to use. There are obviously Google Search Ads that ashowcase your product or service when a user makes a Google search, but we’re going to focus more on social media ads.

Advertising opportunities on Meta and LinkedIn

In digital marketing, we use social networks a lot, so their advertising tools are no longer a secret to us. There are several ways to advertise on social media. You can choose to boost a post, which is a great way to showcase it and reach users who don’t follow your page, but you can also choose to run ads like you’ve probably already seen while browsing your news feed. These are the posts that appear in your news feed under the mention “Sponsored”.
Social media ads are a great way to target and reach users with specific interests or jobs or ages through targeting tools.

What about a real-life case?

At Middle we promoted one of our client’s sports programs on their social media with boosted posts. As a result of our efforts, we reached over 8,000 people and had a positive impact on registration numbers!

At Middle, we can create an advertising strategy and implement it for you! Feel free to book an exploratory meeting to learn more.


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