A Marketing As Innovative As Your Business

In North America, we consume an average of 100,500 words and see more than 10,000 ads on a daily basis. 

Faced with this cacophony, many companies choose to minimize their marketing efforts or – worse! – rely on the same tactics year after year. 

But what if your marketing department was as innovative as your R & D?

Here are some ways to cultivate marketing innovation in 2022. 

Find inspiration in the startup model

The startup model is often praised for its agile processes, flexibility and ability to pivot. Why not take inspiration from these ways of doing things to create an innovative marketing department? 

For example, we can think of : 

  • Adopting an Agile management mode for marketing projects, including several phases of discussions and iterations to achieve the best possible return on investment (ROI);
  • Quickly test new approaches, quantifying the results in order to renew, abandon or push further these ideas or ways of doing things;
  • Collaborate with other players to design campaigns where everyone can leverage their strengths and reap the benefits; 
  • Define the objectives, measure the efforts and quantify the results of each existing marketing initiative to optimize the return on investment and the achievement of the company’s objectives;
  • Implement a peer learning process, for example by establishing a mentoring system between senior and junior marketing resources to promote internal knowledge sharing. 

 Tech tools to support your marketing 

Innovation means technology. Today, there are hundreds of technology solutions to make the day-to-day work of your marketing team easier. 

Here are a few tips to help make integration go smoothly: 

  • Clarify processes, rules and best practices for each platform to encourage seamless, relevant and growth-enhancing use; 
  • Designate super-users within your marketing team, individuals who can be trained to know a given technology platform inside and out, and who can act as a key resource to guide their colleagues in their daily use;
  • Measure the usage rate and quantify the return on investment of each technology platform implemented within your marketing team in the year following its integration, in order to put it aside if it does not contribute to your business objectives.

NB: Have you considered including members of the Generation Z in your technology projects? 

A budget that allows for innovation 

“Doing more with less”, yes but… 

In a context where marketing investments are increasingly important, it is essential to dedicate a coherent budget to your marketing initiatives–no matter how innovative they may be! 

This budget must be aligned with your annual objectives. 

As an indication, a B2B company should devote between 2 and 5% of its revenues to marketing, versus 5 to 10% for a B2C company. 

But be careful! This budget will have to be revised upwards if you are planning major marketing campaigns or sustained growth, for example. 

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